Personal approach

We want to promote Sustainable and Eco-responsible Tourism: it is quite possible to go on vacation in a guest house while limiting its ecological footprint and while enjoying the necessary comfort. By choosing to stay with us, you contribute to our action to preserve the environment.

We act on the scale of our old home.

  • LED bulbs consume 80% less energy than a conventional bulb, which is why we have switched to 80% LED. The remaining 20% ​​will be replaced over time.·
  • We have reduced the use of the electric dryer by a line drying system.·
  • Presence detectors reduce electricity consumption in corridors and outside lights.·
  • By 2050, the need for fresh water will increase by another 80%, which is why we have installed double flush toilets, mixer taps, aerators, pressure regulators and water recuperators. ‘rainwater.·
  • Our bins could be reduced by 70%, which is why we have created a compost for all organic waste and bins for the selective sorting of glass, paper, plastics…·
  • In 2018, only 28% of plastics were actually recycled, which is why we want to reduce plastic packaging by setting up refill dispensers for shower gels and we have reduced plastic packaging.·
  • Transport is responsible for 30% of our greenhouse gas emissions. Air traffic is expected to triple by 2050, which is why we prefer to introduce you to local products for your breakfasts and the estate shop, discover nearby activities. With the “vélolive” partnership you can discover our region with bike rides.·
  • Indoor air is 5 to 7 times more polluted than outdoor air, which is why we take care to air and ventilate our establishment.
  • We do not know the health effects of only 3% of the hygiene and maintenance products we use on a daily basis, which is why we manufacture certain household products and use eco-responsible cleaning products (refer to the products labeled)
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Garden side

  • 70% of the insect population has disappeared in 20 years, which is why we are committed to not using any pesticide product for the maintenance of the estate’s garden.
  • let the wildflowers grow
  • Mulch the soil to optimize water consumption during irrigation Mulch (mow the grass without collecting the grass)
  • Make a differentiated mowing
  • Create a vegetable garden of red fruits for breakfast
  • Make orchard apple juice for breakfast.

Project 2023-24

  • Join LPO (League for the Protection of Birds)
  • Create an LPO garden
  • Haven Bird counting
  • activity Bird watching activity
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