Sports activities

Want to marvel in the sporting setting either hiking in our mountains, a mountain bike or quad ride, swimming in the lakes, horseback riding and flying in baptism of the air

Pontavy Stables (1 km)

Equestre & Poney Club Centre
Issoire Road 6960 Veyre-Monton
If you want to book, contact the owners of Domaine de Chalaniat

Auvergne Aeroclub (partnership)

6 rue Baronne de Laroche
63100 Clermont Ferrand

If you want to book an initiation flight or a baptism of the Chaine des Puys 30 minutes by PLANE or ULM, contact the owners of the Domaine de Chalaniat to book.

Canoe kayak

Club nautique de Longues
Luc Chabridon

Quad rides

Hiking guided by a state diploma guide
QUAD 63 – 15 route from Chas – 63160 EPIRAT

Hiking in the volcanoes of Auvergne

Super Besse

Mont Dore